Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy 101

My cyber friend, Olga, honored me with this sweet award. Thanks Olga! Please take time to check out her blog. This girl does some AWESOME scene work! My job now is to tell you 10 things about myself and then pass this on to 0 more ladies. Here goes!

10 things

My Dad’s pet name for me was “skinny-bones, Jones” I have overcome the skinny part…….

I HATE to drive in traffic, will take the long way around most of the time!

I am fascinated by HTML…….weird, I know!

I don’t like to have my picture taken.

I have an Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies/Ministry

I make REALLY good Chicken and Dumplings! Want some?

Sometimes I just can’t see outside the box….

I can play the piano, just not well…….

I have never had a traffic ticket.

I have never broken any bones.

You know, it is hard to think of 10 things about yourself......On to 10 AWESOME blogs that give me inspiration!

1. Maria-Joyful Stamper

2. Betty-BeeBee Stamps! I see you have received this, but I'm sending it again, 'because you are sooo sweet!

3. Kim-Living in Paradise

4. Wendy-WeeBee Stampin'

5. Janie-GTC's Crafty Corner

6. Lorie-Lorie's Cards and Creations

The next 4 are places we all go for inspiration, but a always worth mentioning......

7. Splitcoast Stampers

8. Stamp TV

9 Paper Craft Planet

10. SNR Card Universe

I hope everyone finds a bit of inspiration here on my blog as well. It is so nice to belong to such a large, happy family........even if we are only cyber-related!



Patti said...

I forgot about skinny bones jones! I haven't broken any bones either... cause they're really padded well!

Maria Matter said...

congrats on your award Carol!
It's fun to read these....

Thanks for thinking of me, I'm soooo bad at getting these posted! but I'll try!

Hey, I never had a traffic ticket either can i use that one? LOL
take care
Blessings, Maria