Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pie Town New Mexico

Well, we arrived in Pie Town last Friday afternoon and have been enjoying ourselves immensely. The weather was pretty cold/snowy/windy all weekend. But we survived and today is a beautiful high mountain desert spring day. I even enjoyed a walk with some of the other ladies here. I'm hoping to take more pictures to show you, but keep forgetting my camera ;0(.

This is the park where we are staying. There really isn't much here for miles, but that is really nice, it is very peaceful except for the WIND!!

We stopped at Arches National Park on the way down. What awesome rock formations! They are all caused from wind erosion. The colors in the sandstone are gorgeous. The weather was pretty nice that day, so we got to walk alittle. Since we are pulling our 5th wheel, there wasn't always a great place to park.
Thanks for stopping in today. I hope to check back in a few more days. We are having a wonderful time and meeting some life long friends.

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