Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Louisana Swamp Girl

Good morning! Well, I survived the swamp tour. It was really pretty interesting. Although, I can say that each time the boat sidled up to a log where an alligator was sunning himself, I leaned WAAAY back in my seat. The boat was a small one and you could reach out and touch the alligators if you were so inclined. (that would be really stupid, I think! and of course was prohibited.) The tour guide told us that the alligators were much more afraid of us than we were of them....can't really agree with that! :0) My husband took this picture......

This picture looks like you could walk on the "green carpet". In actuality, this is a native plant that floats on the water and keeps the temperature of the water cooler. This was so quiet and peaceful. An interesting thing about this area, was that there was no bad smell. The plants and trees that grow here keep that from happening. It was a fun day and my husband is still smiling about getting to go.
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Patti said...

Ewwwww!Slimy green stuff!