Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Much Ado.....

Well, after fiddling with my blog for quite awhile can see I changed a few things. I was feeling just a bit cluttered, so I changed the template to something that looked a little cleaner. I guess since I can't rearrange the furniture in my RV, I have to rearrange SOMETHING!! ;0)

Played around with those Examiner links and just couldn't get the links in the post to cooperate, but the links on the sidebar are behaving like they should. Same address.....go figure. So to access the Examiner articles, please use the links on the right.

I've been on the computer most of the day, editing audio files for my hubby, taking an online class and playing with this blog thing!! I think I will go stamp now, that should make my brain cells relax and smile again........
Have a great night........God Bless!

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