Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kathy-This One's For You!

I was asked to post some of the pics that we took when our son came home. It was such a wonderful day! We all gathered in a hangar to wait for our men to come home, there were 300 or so airmen coming, so there were alot of folks waiting for them. They had set up an area with punch and cookies and videos for the kiddos while we were waiting. The elementary school kids from the base came and sang songs to welcome them also. After we were there about 20minutes we heard 2 jets fly over head and our daughter-in-law got a BIG smile on her face and said " Thats the sound I came here for". These were the jets that were escorting the plane carrying our guys, THEY WERE REALLY COMING HOME!!!! At this point the huge doors of the hangar were opened and we could see the jets. It would still be about 15 minutes before the buses carrying the guys got to us.......
When the buses rolled in, the crowd was SOOO anxious! Our DIL was bouncing with anticipation. When Jim caught off the bus, she screamed "JIMMY" and went running out of the crowd and toward him. This was particularly fun to watch because she is generally a pretty shy girl :>)

The look on her face is ABSOLUTE relief!

Jim with his 2 1/2 year old daughter.

Unloading baggage. Jim brought 2 of his bags over and said "One more..." I asked him if he knew where it was, there were a LOT of bags! Jim replied with a grin " Nope, but I know its green."
We are so glad to have Jim home and safe.
Thanks for stopping in today. God Bless!!


patti said...

Awesome pictures, Welcome home Jim. We're glad to have you home safe and sound!

DEBBIE said...

Just found this blog of yours, Very nice. It was awesome to see the pics of Jimmy, I am quite sure you are all quite relieved to have him home. We are very proud of him for his gift of service to us and the country. You raised a great son and am sure you are quite proud also. Love ya, big sis, DEBBIE